The Garden Restaurant

Corso Italia angolo via Tasso, 80067 Sorrento (Na)
Tel +39 081 878 11 95 -
P.IVA 01078971213

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Firma il nostro guestbook e raccontaci della tua vacanza e delle tue esperienze in costiera sorrentina.

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Reto A.

Was walking in the center of sorrento looking for a place to eat and ran into the enoteca with lovel little tables and a large wine selection in the shop - they also had a menu on display and I was surprised that hey had such a selected menu for a enoteca & bar - then I found out, that they have a garden with restaurant. I stayed in the enoteca as I was alone and liked to see people walking by (no cars allowed). The lady was very good in recommending the wines and tell me where they come from - especially the lokal ones I did not know very good - she had to remind me, that my food alreay was at the table ;-) They also have a local Sorrento crafted beer on tap - made with ceste of limones (you use for limoncello) - tasty and refreshing (so don't order the Heineken and Perroni standard brews)! I also had a nice chat with a couple next to me from Manchester. She loved my recommendation of the beer. I had prima piatti and a fish (ask for the local specialities from there - not salmon from Skandinavia). After two hours I was inspired by the good food and a Japanese family who ordered a good bottle of wine and a pizza to order a pizza instead of desert - just to try it because every wine and dish I had so far was just excellent! They have a lot of wines (also rare once) by the glass, so I could try a few even as a single person They have rare local white barrique Falanghina from 2009 by the glass as well as vintage red Falanghina from 2003. To the end I had a Brunello from 1995 - a poem :-)    

Ricardo Raimondo

Just spent a week in Sorrento and found this brilliant restaurant and bar on our 3rd night. If we had found it on our 1st night we would not have gone anywhere else !!! Great food, friendly and knowledgable host and welcoming staff made for a wonderful evening meal. The other restaurants we tried came nowhere near The Garden. If you visit The Garden you will not be disappoi9nted.


È sempre un piacere ritornare in questo posto fantastico che incarna a pieno l'intera Sorrento nei piatti fantastici che offre il posto...ottima location in centro, raggiungibile anche a piedi da quasi tutti gli hotel, il locale con note antiche nell'arredamento che rappresentano a pieno la città, offre un bello scorcio di strada, piccolo ma piacevole da visitare. Per quanto riguarda il cibo niente da dire,tutto stupendo come al solito,soprattutto per il pesce personale molto cortese e d'altri tempi, cosa davvero gradita. Infine speriamo sempre di ritornare per assaggiare nuove pietanze. A presto! Visitato a Marzo 2016

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